Sunday, September 28, 2014

States of Matter Unit Begins

Friday, September 19
Friday Quiz on Density

Monday, September 22-Wednesday, September 24
The guest teachers enjoyed the students, but not my lesson plans.  The textbooks were used as students reviewed the vocabulary associated with scientific inquiry, and the nature of physical sciences.  The assignments included  workbook pages 12-13, 16-18 and 50-53.  This was much easier to do once students had been given the workbooks! Doh! :/

We set up a new section in our notebooks on p.39, titled Heat, Temperature, and States of Matter.
There were a variety of videos that helped us to develop a better idea of the interaction between matter and energy, and particle motion associated with each phase of matter.
These are all easily accessible on You Tube:

  • Bill Nye the Science Guy on Heat, on Energy, and on States of Matter.
  • Eureka! Episodes 17-21

Thursday and Friday were our review days. We returned papers, organized notebooks and made sure that everyone could draw and describe the properties of each state of matter.  Hopefully, next week will go a little bit smoother!

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