Monday, September 15, 2014

Hypothesis/Density Intro.

Due Today: Organized IA Notebooks
Did you update your Table of Contents? Are all your papers and notes in order by the date? attached?

We are reviewing the format for making scientific hypotheses at the same time we are introducing the concept of density.  
Make a note of how to format your hypothesis on p.30 in your notebook.  

Get ready to practice making a hypothesis aloud as I layer the following liquids into the glass jar:

  • lamp oil
  • olive oil
  • windex
  • rubbing alcohol
  • salt water
  • corn syrup
  • vinegar
  • tap water

If you missed the class demonstration, watch this guy...Steve Spangler.
Why do they layer in that way? 

Make notes on density on p.31 in your notebook
Density is a characteristic property of matter.  Water has a density of 1 g/ml. If a substance has a density less than 1 g/ml, then it floats in water and if it is greater than 1 g/mL, the substance will sink in water.

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