Friday, September 5, 2014

Safety Quiz

Due Today: Good vs. Poor Science Activity Sheet (both sides)

After the Safety Quiz, we will review the homework and collaborate on the items you discussed.
All responses and papers should be in your notebook as follows:

  • Safety Procedures Study Guide on p.14
  • Safety Rules for the Chemistry Lab on p.15 (Optional Extra credit opportunity: List the safety violations occurring in the What-Not-To-Do lab.)
  • Lab Safety Challenge on p.16

We started a new section on The Nature of Physical Science, so p.17 is a colorful title page.

  • Page 18 is the Table of Contents for this section.
  • Page 19 should have Cornell Notes on the Nature of Science
  • Page 20 has two items. Your reaction to the pseudoscientific headline and the homework you turn in today goes here when I return it to you.
  • Page 21 is the reading you did on the Limits of Science.

Have a great weekend!

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