Thursday, September 11, 2014

Accuracy in Measurement

Due Today: Both Lab Sheets on Metric Measurements

Today we get our text books!  Cover them. Ususally, you keep them at home.

Skim/Read p.30-33 and take Cornell notes titled, Accuracy in Measurement.  
Include these items:

  • Do the Stadards Warm-up on p. 30.  Define Estimate.
  • When do scientists rely on estimates?
  • Why do we get different measurements for things?
  • Measurements must be both accurate and reproducible.  Define those terms.
  • To help us, we significant figures.  Define and give an example of using significant figures.

When we review our measurement labs, we'll be discussing the viabilty of our results!

Tonight, practice with the Bikini Bottom Gang and help Patrick find out out if he makes the team! 

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