Friday, August 19, 2016

supplies for 2016-2017


If you are checking out what's coming up in class, then I like you already!

For your scientists' notebook, you have a choice of a 3 ring binder that's 1 inch thick, or a big spiral notebook. Keep your science notebook just for science. We'll be recording our observations and ideas in there with lots of color and pizzaz!
The list of supplies for success includes:
a thin (1 inch), 3-ring science binder or a big (8 1/2" X 11") spiral notebook with at least 100 pages of binder paper ,
a couple (2) of pens and pencils,
a pencil sharpener (preferably with a shavings guard),
glue sticks
a highlighter and
4 different colored pencils or markers (no permanent markers)

earbuds so that you can listen to videos, tutorials, etc. on your own.
tape, scissors, tissues, hand sanitizer, 
and a good attitude! 

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