Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Elements, Compounds, Mixtures, Solutions, and Molecules

EQ: How are the properties of matter used to separate different substances in mixtures and solutions?

Log in to Google Classroom.  After examining the jar. Draw a diagram on IAN p.128.

Make a table and list of each of the materials it contains.  Describe the properties of each and the technique you would use to separate each unique substance.  Organize your notes on IAN p.129

Summarize by answering the Essential Question.

We are learning about the difference between mixtures and solutions.  Take notes on the illustrated sheet.

Next, we are reviewing how to read chemical formulas and counting atoms in molecules.  Illustrate the atoms that make up each molecule in on p.130.  Reading the formulas and balancing chemical equations will be next on p.131.

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