Thursday, April 16, 2015

Earth to the Moon

Today, we are finishing up Apollo 13.  To help you better understand the enormity of the task of landing on a specific site on the moon, we will make a scale model of the Earth and the Moon, using a tennis ball, and/or marbles of various sizes.

Pick one that you think accurately represents the correct size of the earth and moon and place them appropriately to model the distance between them, as well.  Be prepared to explain your reasoning.

The tremendous amount of time, money, and human resources that has been invested in the Space Program and made it possible to solve all the problems along the way to the moon and back, has resulted in a variety of technological advances present in our modern day society, from Tang and freeze-dried food, to Velcro and communications technology, the spin-offs from the space program have changed our lives.  You may write one-page of research on any of these advances, or find your own instead of doing yet another workbook page (233-234) if you choose.

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