Friday, January 23, 2015

Carbon Models

We have been building carbon compounds with modeling sets and analyzing the structure of various organic compounds. 

Organize your notebook as follows

  •  Naming sheet on p.148
  • Learning Objectives and Background notes on p.149

You will turn in your lab sheets and the conclusion as a stapled packet at the end of class on Monday.  
Bring your textbooks to class on Monday and Tuesday.  

You may start on the assignment in class:
Complete Workbook p. 141-144 and 146-148

Learning Objectives
Students will :

  • use carbon as the basis for many types of compounds constructed with modelling sets.
  • draw and interpret different representations of the carbon compounds they build (i.e. the molecular formula, structural formula, condensed formula, line formula)
  • relate the 30-dimensional shapes and the types of bonds in a molecule
  • recognize, draw, and build isomers of a given compound (butane)
Hopefully, this will help build your understanding of hydrocarbons before you read about them in your book!  The article summary on Hydrogen Fuels will be reviewed next week, when I return to the classroom.  Behave;)  If you finish early, try building carbon dioxide, glucose, or more isomers of butane.

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