Monday, November 3, 2014

Atoms and the Periodic Table this Month

Due Tuesday:
This week we are using the Periodic Table of Elements and learning about the correlation to atomic structure.  I made a mistake on the work sheet so please ... check the homework calendar .  Click the details/more info link to correct the errors.

Use the key on the Periodic Table of Elements to help you calculate the characteristics based on the clues provided.  Remember, you can make up your own  new puzzle for extra credit.
We took some notes on electron configurations for the first three periods on the PT of E
These will be helpful for your labs this week!

Atom Models were assigned and are due Nov. 18.

Tuesday we are building atoms and maing Bohr diagrams in class.

Wednesday is a flame test lab-- please dress appropriately.  We are burning chemicals!
Bring textbooks and workbooks on Thursday.
Quiz on Friday!

We built periodic tables and completed the P.T. Basics worksheet in class.  Homework for the week of Dec. 2-9, 2014 is to build your own Periodic Table of ...anything! Friday will be the day we present.   

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